BTM’S patented sheet joining system joins plain AND coated metals with consistent, strong, leak proof joints

Tog-L-Loc® provides omni-directional strength and is widely used in the assembly of Automotive, White Goods, H.V.A.C and many other sheet metal products. Choose from a variety of tool options for applying Tog-L-Loc® to suit your specific manufacturing requirements. Below are typical examples of how Tog-L-Loc® can also save on the cost of consumables such as rivets, nuts & bolts, weld tips and adhesives.

Lit-L-Loc® Hand Gun with Hydraulic Intensifier
An inexpensive tool for low volume production. Capable of joining a maximum thickness of 3.0mm mild steel.
Various strokes & throat depths available.

BTM Small Production Presses – either pneumatic, hydraulic or pneumohydraulic systems can be designed and built to your specifications.
Single or multiple joints not a problem!

BTM Robot Cells – either single cell or multiple cells for medium to high volume production.
Any Robot any size!

BTM Single Joint Presses – these can be floor standing or bench mounted utilising either BTM`s patented pneumatic toggle head, hydraulic system or the very economical pneumohydraulic system.
Operated via foot switch or two-hand start safety system (depending on stroke of press)
Standard Units from 10kN to 400kN
Various strokes & throat depths available.

BTM Press Brake Tooling is an effective & cost saving way to utilize our patented Tog-LLoc® sheet metal joining system and are available with a wide range of throat depths.
Use a single unit or stack them up for multiple joint applications.
Ready to install in your power press!

BTM Duct Joining Clinch Gun – pivoting jaws allow the operator to manually open the jaws to allow clearance of flanges etc.
Several sizes and styles available.

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