To demonstrate its technological capabilities and leadership in the fastening sector, GESIPA® decided to have technical demonstration centers/showrooms across all its facilities around the world. 

Discussions to find an ideal location for a customer demonstration room at its premises in Keighley started in 2013. Finally, it was decided that two offices at the front of the building would be used and converted into one large room. The first step was to completely empty both rooms in order to start the building work. Finally, the work started in June 2014 .The flooring was removed and walls were demolished to open up the rooms to one large area. In August 2014, work began on the plumbing, electrics, units, worktops and flooring etc. The installation of equipment, including the Robot & assembly cell, all went very well with no major problems.

Finally, the demonstration room was completed in first week of September, 2014 and doors were opened for existing and new customers. Formally inaugurated on 9th October 2014, this demonstration room exhibits GESIPA®‘s capabilities as a technological leader in the fastening sector, displaying complete GESIPA® range of tools, from basic battery powered tools like the AccuBird® and PowerBird® , pneumatic hydraulic tools like the TAURUS® series to more advanced GESIPA® tools including the new PowerBird® Pro Gold Edition, TAURUS® C with process control, the new TAURUS® Speed Riveter , FireFox® 1 rivet nut tool , GAV 8000 with process and robotic control and finally an assembly cell which provides a precise handling of a wide range of devices, providing a work space tailored perfectly to customer requirements.

If you are interested in visiting GESIPA®’s customer demonstration room in Keighley, please contact their offices on 01535 212200 or email at

About the company

GESIPA®, Keighley began its existence as a rivet manufacturer in 1971 but has since then evolved as a technical leader providing total fastening solutions. With ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 accreditation(an automotive quality standard), advanced machinery, quality control systems and the ability to bespoke fastening solutions quickly and cost effectively, GESIPA® continues to secure its reputation within various industries as a preferred manufacturer of blind fastening solutions.