Panasonic combines the strengths of individual automation products in an integrated EtherCAT motion control solution.

The industrial PLC FP7 from Panasonic with its many functions already forms a solid base for complex solutions related to Industry 4.0.  In addition to industrial-grade sensors and displays, the huge portfolio is supplemented by the MINAS A5 series servo drives, which are among the leading products in the drive market thanks to their compact design and their extremely high reliability.

Panasonic’s new FP7 motion control unit (AFP7MC) closes the gap to EtherCAT-based applications so that customers can use open and standardized networks. The open protocol EtherCAT as defined in IEC standard 61158 is especially suitable to meet real-time requirements and has established itself as a worldwide standard thanks to its many advantages and high acceptance among users.

There are different versions of the FP7 motion control unit available for controlling 16, 32, and 64 axes. In addition to EtherCAT communication, the FP7 motion control unit allows the synchronization of 32 axes and offers interpolation functions such as linear, spiral, and circular functions for simultaneous control of a maximum of 4 axes. You can store between 100 and 1000 axis positions