• EtherCAT, PROFINET IRT, EtherNet/IP, Sercos, Modbus, Powerlink, TSN…
  • Passive Tap, Zero Delay without impact on network or PLC
  • Intuitive graphical display
  • Station lists, alarms, process values, Time Stamped Dig I/O
  • Network load and jitter measurement
  • Endless recording via customizable triggers
  • USB Port, Measure standalone without PC
  • Link SCOPE PC remotely over PC network

The netANALYSER is a tool for the simple analysis of Real-Time Ethernet networks. The scope of delivery includes a capture-hardware for recording the telegrams on the network as well as a graphical user software for Windows with extensive analysis functions.

netANALYSER’s real zero-delay TAP has a forwarding delay of under 1 nanosecond It is thus totally invisible to the  network and can be used even in highly time critical environment such as PROFINET IRT or TSN without disturbing  the network or changing network timing behaviour during measurement. 

This is a stark comparison to some other solutions which have delays of several 100 nanoseconds, which will lead to changed synchronization behaviour in the network and would prevent PROFINET IRT from startup Timestamps have a resolution of 1 ns and an accuracy of +/- 5 ns, most other TAPs do not state accuracy, some  other TAPs introduce an error of several 100 nanoseconds into the measurement line and thus falsify the measurement  by this amount.

Using netANALYSER and the addon software netANALYSER Scope you always have your Ethernet network at your fingertips. Measure important key data such as station lists, alarms, process values, network load and telegram jitter without affecting the network or PLC.

netANALYSER digital I/Os can be used in 3.3V and 24V environment, thus it is suitable for development as well as  for trouble shooting tasks in the field. Inputs are timestamped with the same accuracy as Ethernet frames for exact measurement To narrow down to sporadic errors netANALYSER box supports autonomous operation without PC. Thus, one can record telegram traffic quickly in the automation floor by a simple touch of a button. With the help of the powerful trigger function the netANALYSER can remain in a plant for a period of time, allowing facilitated troubleshooting. On the occurrence of trigger events the netANALYSER automatically generates telegram snapshots that can be interpreted later using the netANALYSER Scope software which can be connected remotely over PC network or interrogate the removable USB storage.

netANALYSER Hardware

  • Passive recording with zero-delay < 1 ns
  • Capture up to 4 Ethernet ports and
  • 4 digital switching events
  • ± 5 ns measurement accuracy, 1 ns resolution
  • Detailed error information for each telegram
  • Rugged carrying case for field use

Autonomous operation without PC

  • Quick and easy recording „on site“ without
  • connected PC
  • Continuous operation with customizable triggers
  • Creating telegram snapshots at triggering events


  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Eliminates manual analysis of endless telegram records
  • Common display on a timeline of:

    • Process data
    • Network events
    • Network load
    • Frame jitter
    • Frame delay
  • Quicktest function for easy diagnosis of

    • Network stations
    • Cyclic and acyclic connections
    • Alarms and other important events
  • Comprehensive trigger function
  • Import of frame records for graphical analysis
  • Save and load complete analysis projects

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