VIDEO: The Energy Box software from Danfoss Drives is a tool used to calculate energy savings, cost savings and pay-back times following installation of a VLT Variable Speed Drive. 
Although it is possible to base your calculations on default load profiles, the VLT Energy Box software also allows you to enter your own load profiles. This enables users to use the real-life historical load profiles stored by the VLT drive, giving the most accurate calcuations possible.
The HVAC applications that are supported by the VLT Energy Box software are fans, pumps and cooling towers.
Mick Jennings, Danfoss training provider, demonstrates how quick and easy the tool is to use in the “Energy Box Walk-Thru” video. 

The benefits of using the VLT Energy Box software are that there is an easy comparison with other methods of flow control, as well as the ability to check potential savings with High Efficiency IE4 PM motors. on top of this, there is a graphical display of variables like duty cycle, fan and pump control curve, power required, energy consumed and payback.

VLT Energy Box software is free