Stacking a pallet with your own product is one thing, but the reverse is not so simple.   At least not until ifm electronic produced the app with their 3D sensor that does all the hard work.  As long as the packages on the pallet are all the same, they can be detected by ifm’s remarkable 3D sensor, which gauges their size and position, telling the robot exactly where to pick the next one.

Automated depalletising systems provide a clear increase in performance; it is quicker and more ergonomic than leaving it up to the operator. 

The 3D sensor detects displaced loads and compensates for incorrect positioning with the depalletising system. Position indication allows fully automated depalletising of complete layers or individual packages, independent of the palletising pattern. The camera will also detect slip-sheets between layers.

Besides the data for robot control, the Ethernet process interface provides information for the material and warehouse management software.

The ifm system automatically calibrates of robot and camera coordinates, so setting it up is also easy to do.

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