A lack of common carbon emissions reporting standards across industry “risks completely undermining the UK’s drive to net zero”, warns UK’s manufacturing group, High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVMC).

Manufacturing produces 40% of the UK’s carbon footprint yet the lack of a common accounting framework for corporates and products means the sector cannot properly track emissions. A universal methodology for measuring and reporting emissions must be developed – with government agreement on which metrics must be used – according to HVMC’s latest report.

“Given the energy-intensive nature of manufacturing, this lack of common data makes tracking overall emissions reductions almost impossible and vital information can be obscured or lost. This risks completely undermining the UK’s drive to net zero.

There is a particular problem on what are known as ‘Scope Three’ emissions – indirectly produced emissions, such as early materials extraction and processing. These account for up to 90% of emissions and are fundamental to reaching net zero,” said Katherine Bennett, HVMC chief executive.

The Embodied Emissions and Net Zero report adds that additional assistance will be needed to support SMEs understand and “demystify” carbon accounting. The report warns: “Without a proper auditing and monitoring system in place, there is no way of knowing where the UK manufacturing industry is in terms of working towards and meeting net zero targets.”

“Tracking carbon emissions is now an integral part of a company’s annual audit. Yet, a myriad of different carbon accounting standards and methodologies are used, meaning that the data is rendered almost useless when combined across the manufacturing sector,” added Bennett.