EconCore, the producer of economic honeycomb sandwich materials, was recently awarded the Solar Impulse Label in recognition of the sustainability of their RPET honeycomb core technology.

EconCore has developed a continuous manufacturing process that can produce thermoformable, high-performance lightweight panels with a thermoplastic core made from recycled PET, in a cost-effective way. RPET honeycomb cores are made from 95% recycled PET, mainly sourced from post-consumer waste including (food) packaging, PET bottles, textiles and post-industrial waste.

With the RPET EconCore honeycomb cores and panels, customers can benefit of easier implementation, faster functionalization, and can design lighter structures which translates into significant CO2 reduction. EconCore’stechnology is used in a wide range of applications including automotive, transportation, building and construction, industrial packaging/graphical displays, furniture and many others.

The Solar Impulse foundation is a non-profit environmental foundation founded in 2003 to address environmental challenges without compromising economic growth, and supported the first solar powered planes till the flight around the Earth completed in 2016.

Set up in 2018 the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label, assessed by a range of independent experts acts as a trustworthy and reliable certification of quality, highlighting the importance of investing in clean technologies as an economic and industrial opportunity.

Market demands are constantly shifting towards more sustainable companies and products, with customers having growing concerns on environmental issues. Green certifications such as The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label help brands to display and communicate their positive impact on the world, we live in.

The Solar Impulse Foundation works alongside multiple venture capitalist’s such as impact investors, to promote their labelled solutions. Partnering with the likes of EuroQuity and the European Investment Bank.

By being awarded with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label companies are able to highlight to their current and future employees that they have a clear purpose and aim to achieve their company mission.

In accordance with The Solar Impulse Foundation’s focus on sustainability the use of RPET honeycomb cores provide a sustainable solution as well as a good Life Cycle Assessment and low carbon footprint complying with the global sustainability strategy.