Research launched by EIT InnoEnergy, the world’s largest sustainable energy accelerator, ahead of its online TBB.Connect event, reveals that despite the impact of COVID-19, 75% of energy players are positive about the adoption of sustainable energy technology by industrial sector in the next 12-18 months.

The responses from 200 energy companies and innovators in Europe show a high degree of consensus across the industry, from corporates to SMEs, entrepreneurs and also across countries. Participants agree that the outlook is bright, and they’ve also collectively identified key areas of focus to ensure this remains the case. Seventy-eight per cent of respondents cited funding and investment as core to their innovation goals, emphasising the importance of the EU GreenDeal. In addition, the research highlighted customer readiness for new technology (49%) and access to partnering organisations for R&D (37%) as areas requiring more action.

The survey also saw energy storage (58%), energy efficiency (46%) and renewable energies (45%) as the top skill requirements for prospective employers. Forty-five per cent of respondents were neutral around difficulties of finding talent, with 36% stating they found it difficult to find talent with right skills.

“It is reassuring to know that industry is positive about the future adoption of sustainable energy technology. EIT InnoEnergy’s goal is to accelerate the energy transition, but more discussion needs to be had about how we accelerate sustainability. With the EU’s GreenDeal in place, what will the future hold and how do we shorten the path to get there? That is why we have launched TBB.Connect, a dynamic meeting place where energy players can network, broker deals and access a marketplace for groundbreaking technologies. It is crucial that industry, innovators, educators and everyone in between comes together to create a clear road ahead.” said Diego Pavia, CEO at EIT InnoEnergy.

The research is released as EIT InnoEnergy launches its first virtual edition of The Business Booster event. TBB.Connect will take place on the 4-5 of November 2020, to give those in the energy sector across the globe the chance to connect, discuss and create new sustainable business opportunities. The event boasts a range of C-Level speakers, including Emmanuel Lagarrigue Executive Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer, Schneider Electric; Giles Dickson, CEO, WindEurope and Michael E. Webber, Chief Science & Technology Officer, ENGIE.

The survey of 200 energy companies, innovators and investors across Europe sought to understand the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and to understand sentiment around the future of the energy transition for the industrial sector.