Standard energy chain systems are not designed to accommodate lateral (side to side) displacements or torsional (twisting) movements in the normal course of their running operations. However, the latest System Allround energy chains from M Buttkereit Ltd are manufactured utilising a flexible link material, enabling varied movement possibilities without necessitating any substantial design, layout or operating alterations. Combined rotary or oscillating movements can overlap within single or even double linear movements, and where sufficient chain lengths are involved, then 90º lateral pivoting and 180º axial rotations can also be achieved. This provides for an almost limitless range of motion in a hanging arrangement where adequate chain lengths are available.

This versatility is achieved by the incorporation of highly flexible links manufactured from thermoset elastomer material. These individual links are available with 65mm pitch enabling both inside and outside bend radii from 65 to 300mm, and a 90mm pitch link for similar bends from 100 to 400mm radii, while the largest pitch dimension of 115mm accommodates bending from 150 to 500mm radii. Variable link dimensions to achieve optional conveyor widths can also be provided with 50 to 200mm conveyor width on the 65mm pitch and 50 to 300mm conveyor width for both the 90 and 115mm pitch links.

Energy chains provide the ‘life support’ systems of modern moving-head equipment utilised for machining, picking, packing and a multitude of other essential undertakings in the working environment. They provide universal carrier and guide facilities for not only the power supply hoses (electric, pneumatic, vacuum or hydraulic etc) but also any associated cablework for systems control or general fluid supply requirements. Energy chains not only minimise equipment installation, but reliability protect and extend the working life of cable systems as well as permitting cable retrofits with time saving procedures to minimise any down-time operations.

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