TM Robotics (Europe) Limited displays a new robot in a practical packaging application in Hall 5 on Stand number D81at the PPMA show.

The Toshiba Machine TH450A has an impressive specification and slots neatly into the comprehensive range of Toshiba Machine robots supported by TM Robotics (Europe) Limited. The Scara ranges include lightweight, energy saving machines, Scara robots with over sized servo motors for high speed arduous duties, and Scara robots capable of carrying very high payloads up to 20kg. There are some impressive 6-axis machines with high performance and reach to over 1200mm and there is a modular range of Cartesian robot systems that enable all manner of configurations for the packaging machine builder.

The new TH450A is demonstrated at the PPMA show fitted with the latest RoboVis vision system from Fisher Smith. This system uses powerful yet simple to use image processing through 360o to locate randomly orientated pieces. RoboVis simplifies the automation further with the ability to tell the robot what program to run allowing a single point of control for the whole cell.