Engineering solutions provider Boulting has been awarded the UK’s Cyber Essentials certification for passing the cyber security scheme that demonstrates the company has taken the appropriate action to ensure it is cyber secure. The independently verified assessment measures the organisation against security controls, which demonstrate the organisation’s protection against cyber-attack.  

To achieve certification, organisations must comply with the requirements of the UK Governed Cyber Essentials Scheme and prove to an independent body that they have carried out the necessary steps to be cyber secure. 

In order to certify, organisations must demonstrate that their IT systems are secure and show that their systems and software meet the requirements of the scheme, before completing a self-assessment questionnaire that is provided by the certification body.

“We have always taken the necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of any data that we store,” said Robin Whitehead, managing director of Boulting Technology. “Our certification shows Boulting’s commitment to preserving the security of both its clients’ data and its own.

“This certification is becoming increasingly sought after. We have noticed a distinct rise in clients demanding this accreditation to even be considered to tender for a project,” continued Whitehead.

The scheme is designed to protect organisations and their data against the most common cyber-threats such as hacking, phishing and password guessing.

“Constant developments in technology, means that there are developments in cyber threats and attacks too,” said Louis Steyn, IT director for Boulting. “All organisations, large or small, must ensure they are protecting the data of their clients and their own. A cyber-attack could be detrimental to an organisation, which could result in a loss of business.

“The Cyber Essentials certification is of course, just part of our ongoing and continual assessments to ensure we are always up to date with security practices to overcome any new threats,” Steyn continued.

“The benefits of this certification are not just limited to simply proving our compliance with the guidelines,” added Whitehead. “It also assures Boulting customers that we are a trusted supplier and prioritise cyber security in our work, regardless of the industry that we are working in.”

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