Barloworld Supply Chain Software (BWSC), held an event at its office in Paris this week, which attracted a diverse influential audience of over 70 people including representatives from large organisations from various sectors such as aerospace and defences, luxury wines and spririts, power generation, grocery retail, 3 PLs, high tech and telecommunications.

The theme of the event was ‘A New Approach to Integrated Planning’ and included customer testimonials from Jacques Dumoucel, SVP Industrial Support, Sabena Technics (Aerospace maintenance) and Xavier Lépingle, chief operation officer at DIM DBA Group (Apparel), assisted by Claude Sonzogni, director at KRT Conseil, a BWSCS partner.

Kevin Boake, managing director Europe at BWSCS, said, “Managing a supply chain means facing a plethora of challenges such as demand for shorter lead times, quicker product introductions, growing numbers of suppliers to integrate, e-procurement, lean manufacturing, outsourcing non-core activities, reducing cash-to-cash cycles and minimising material inventories to name a few. As a result organisations need to ensure their supply chains are fully optimised to meet these challenges and generate the highest service, revenue and margins possible.

“At the heart of this is the need for better information so that informed decisions can be made and our software solutions are designed to make all this simpler. This event was a perfect opportunity to bring companies together to share best practice and underlines our commitment to leading the industry when it comes to supply chain integration.”