Open Mind has now developed a package of machining and automation strategies within its hyperMILL package specifically for the requirements of tyre moulding. The new hyperMILL tyre module has been developed to include functions that allow for moulds and models to be produced significantly faster and more efficiently.

With the new hyperMILL tyre module characteristic geometries can be defined as features and standard machining sequences that are saved to a macro database. The milling strategies for knifecuts and stone ejectors as well as other tyre production details, can thus be programmed faster as recurring machining sequences. The recurring arrangement of identical tyre sections is often described by way of a ‘tyre clock’. hyperMILL uses this information for efficient programming. The user assigns the numbers of the individual pitches to the machining programs for this purpose, so that each pitch is programmed only once. The generated program is copied to the corresponding tyre mould segments on the basis of the pitch number. From this, the CAM software generates the complete segments automatically and toolpaths that go beyond the segment limit will be adjusted automatically by hyperMILL.

The machining of the complex geometries in tread patterns is implemented by the automation technology in hyperMILL in such a way that all tool movements are calculated as efficiently as possible.

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