Hardy Process Solutions has achieved the highest level of weighing integration with Rockwell Automation® ControlLogix® and CompactLogix® systems, with a combination of connectivity on the backplane or over wire and integration tools.  Using  a combination of Add-on-Profiles (AOPs), EDS-AOPs, HMI Faceplates with Add-on-Instructions, and sample programs/function blockscreates a synergistic methodology for EASY and seamless integration for weighing with Rockwell PLCs and PACs using RSLogix® and Studio 5000®.

Adding ControlLogix and CompactLogix plug-in weigh modules to a Rockwell Automation PLC/PLC is as easy as snapping the modules onto the backplane.  Weight data communicated using backplane native I/O is fast and deterministic with the tightest possible control loop and no network latencies. Hardy weight controllers, weight processors and transmitters also connect over wire through a standard Ethernet router/switch to a standard Ethernet card in the PLC with communications via the EtherNet/IP protocol certified to ODVA Level 3 or Level 1.

For ease of integration, Hardy also offers sample programs, function blocks and ladder logic for PLCs that are not based on Logix, such as the Micro800.  These tools are also designed to ease integration of weighing functions into other Rockwell Automation based manufacturing systems. 

For additional product information, visit Hardy Faceplates/AOIs. To learn more about the integration of Hardy Weigh Scale Modules, view a short, informative YouTube video.

For further information please email info@routeco.com