HARTING have consistently been at the cutting edge of new technological developments across a range of industries. At Drives & Controls, we will be demonstrating innovative new solutions, developed to meet industry demands for flexible production and miniaturised products.

The newest addition to the Han® portfolio is the Han® F+B, a range specially designed for food and drink production areas. As hygiene and safety are key considerations, all hoods, housings and seals are IP69K rated, so the connections are fully resistant to the water jets used to clean equipment.

They have large nooks and surfaces in accordance with the guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), which allows cleaning agents to flow unhindered. The range is also Ecolab approved, meaning it is resistant to highly aggressive cleaning agents.

Another key trend within industry is that of miniaturisation. Machinery and equipment are becoming more compact, so HARTING has responded by producing the Han® 1A, a compact interface for the transmission of data, power and signals. It employs a system of modular inserts, making it extremely versatile and an efficient solution for connecting tools and smaller machine modules such as control terminals and drives.

HARTING’s miniaturised solutions don’t stop with the 1A; the ix Industrial® is a robust replacement for the RJ45 with a 70% smaller PCB socket. The ix combines both power and data transmission into a single interface and is built to withstand the rigours of tough industrial environments.

At the cutting-edge of new product development, HARTING will be discussing the T1 Industrial, an IEC 63171-6 standardised industrial interface for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE). The factory of the future will require high data streams and the T1 Industrial brings Ethernet from the cloud to every sensor, thus enabling Industry 4.0.

Smart factories and Industry 4.0 can bring many benefits to businesses. Predictive maintenance, energy monitoring and real-time data from the shop floor all help manufacturers to improve their facilities.

To function efficiently, these factories rely on a steady stream of information, so the ability to gather and analyse data and transfer it to a management system is vital. HARTING’s solution is the MICA (Modular Industry Computer Architecture), a compact industrial edge computer.

MICA allows manufacturers to unlock information from machines and combine it with production figures to generate valuable real-time data. This information gives the user a much better understanding of what’s happening on the shop floor and allows them to develop efficient production and maintenance strategies.

In addition, HARTING’s range of versatile UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products will be on display. Our portfolio includes securely encrypted RFID transponders and antennae which can be used to create reading zones in stores.

To learn more about our products and solutions or discuss your requirements with one of our technical experts, please visit us on stand S320 at Drives & Controls.

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