B&R has expanded its product line to include servo motors with high torque and an extended range of speeds. The motors in the 8KS series provide up to 140kW of power and stall torque up to 555Nm. Available in two sizes with speeds up to 3,000rpm, 8KS motors open up new possibilities for applications in a wide range of industries that require high power. In addition, these servo motors are available with either axial or radial fans, water cooling and optional mounting feet.

This motor series is also a complement for implementing high powered yet energy efficient servo hydraulic drive solutions together with B&R’s servo pump control. The variant with reinforced bearings, for example, makes it possible to set-up high torque belt feed axes for electric injection moulding machines.

The servo motors in this series come equipped with a resolver interface, an optical encoder with EnDat interface and an embedded parameter chip, ensuring seamless compatibility with ACOPOSmulti drives and easy integration into B&R’s entire system landscape.

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