The new REVO-PB power optimisation controller, the latest innovation from CD Automation, gives you 3 independent one phase controllers in a single package allowing you to optimise your electrical heating system & reduce your energy costs.

  • Reduces peaks in electricity supply & noise in your system
  • Optimisation algorithm keeps power demand constant
  • Process data available 24/7 via popular fieldbus systems
  • 3 independent power controllers in one compact package

REVO-PB gives you 3x independent single phase power controllers in one package with the ability to utilise optimisation software to reduce your ongoing electricity supply costs.

Designed specifically for multi-zone industrial applications, the REVO-PB Power Optimisation Controller will also extend the useful life of components such as power units and cabling. It achieves this by avoiding electronic component stress as a direct result of the balanced load and decreased waveform distortion that results in a power factor close to 1.


Figure 1 – REVO PB decreasing waveform distortion



  • Cost of energy used is drastically reduced automatically with the use of the Power Optimisation Algorithm
  • Results show a power factor near to 1 (the perfect situation), low waveform distortion & decreased harmonic component.
  • Eliminates unregulated power peaks keeping you within your energy supply contract.
  • Connect seamlessly with your management software 24/7 with the most popular Fieldbus systems.
  • Connect multiple units for balanced control of all three phases.
  • Easily configure and setup the unit with free simple and intuitive software.
  • Ready for Industry 4.0


  • Designed for normal and short-wave infrared load types.
  • Available in single (phase to phase or phase to neutral) configurations.
  • Firing modes include Half Cycle and Single Cycle.
  • Control through RS485 RTU communications (or fieldbus systems).
  • Available in 4 current sizes 35A, 50A 75A & 90A and 2 voltage sizes, up to 480V and up to 600Vac.
  • Plug and play PC configuration software
  • Real character organic LED display intuitively provides setup and process data

REVO PB Power Network with 3 channels

A basic system consists of a single three-channel module, each having the same single-phase connection. Using at least three REVO PB modules for a total of 9 power channels you can balance all three phases. For example: 3x Phase R to Phase S Channels; 3x Phase S to Phase T channels and 3x Phase R to Phase T channels.

At every channel/zone point you can connect a single-phase load with a maximum 35A / 50A / 75A / 90A with a connection Phase to Phase or Phase to Neutral.



Figure 2 – Multi-zone REVO-PB example using 3 units totalling 9 channels


Ready for Industry 4.0

We choice Modbus RTU as the standard communication protocol on our units due to the great ease of interfacing with other industrial equipment such as HMI operator panels, PLCs, industrial PC’s, and other units present on the system as in most cases are already equipped with this communication standard.

Using the TU-RS termination unit you can connect the REVO PB with some of the most common field bus systems including PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, EtherNet IP & # x2122 and Modbus TCP.

Each unit is supplied as an easy to install plug and play device, helping you get up and running as quickly as possible.



Figure 3 – TU-RS termination unit allows connection to common fieldbus systems


Optimisation of Energy

Poor management and the addition of unsynchronised loads can lead to an increase in the generated harmonic component (THD). This effect increases losses, generates noise and can generate overheating of power cables.

Even by using Zero Cross firing and a non-continuous operation, the harmonic components can reach critical levels.

Thanks to its control strategy and the management & distribution of power throughout the multi-zone loads, REVO PB keeps the Power Factor value close to 1 (a near perfect value).

A high-Power Factor, a low waveform distortion and a decrease in harmonic components, will lead to a reduction in the cost of energy used.


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