Accuracy of 0.2% characterises the new PM pressure transmitter from ifm electronic, but of course, there is much more than that. The PM is designed to provide an analogue signal in hygienic applications, so materials and fitting conform to the requirements of these environments.   The upgraded PM offers improved accuracy and temperature compensation when compared to its predecessors, ideal for CIP sets.
The 4 to 20mA analogue signal is scalable across the pressure range of the device, of which there are twelve to cover most requirements between -1 bar and 100 bar. In addition, the IO-Link interface offers remote scaling and readout of the direct measured value without conversion losses, along with the multitude of other benefits that IO-Link brings.
In a popular move, the PM is one of a number of products from ifm where the user can simply download a factory calibration certificate at no extra charge.
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