Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has published the new ICS Security Guide to Hirschmann Switches for implementing secure industrial networks. In the automation industry, both equipment and control systems as well as office IT are increasingly networked via switches. This is because continuous communication accelerates production, reduces costs, and can increase the efficiency of business operations. Cyber-attacks like Stuxnet have shown, however, that equipment and control systems can be infiltrated and manipulated, and control systems are particularly at risk due to the networking of industrial environments with office IT. The ICS Security Guide to Hirschmann Switches, based on a model by TÜV SÜD Rail, provides 128 pages of practical explanations of how to determine security requirements for industrial networks, create a complete security concept, and integrate Hirschmann switches with a secure configuration. Both system designers and users who want reliable protection for their data communication can benefit from this guide.

Switches offer a variety of communication options and provide smooth data exchange. For this reason, they are used to connect and integrate relevant end-devices in a number of industries, such as the energy sector, rail sector, or automation sector. Their use can be divided into two scenarios: “On the one hand, switches can be integrated in an overall system, such as a transformer substation, and on the other, in individual machines and equipment,” explains Product Manager Mark Cooksley. “In both cases, they contribute to data availability, integrity, and confidentiality, and therefore facilitate secure production processes.”

The extensive security functions of Hirschmann switches are not enabled as standard when they are delivered. This is because there is no universal configuration that would suit all applications. Specialist IT knowledge is needed to configure the switches individually, and this is expertise that on-site personnel often lacks. The ICS Security Guide to Hirschmann Switches addresses this issue by – guiding readers through the required processes step-by-step:

  • Determining security requirements
  • Implementing the most secure configuration possible
  • Integrating switches in network monitoring

This guide is part of the comprehensive support that Belden offers system designers and users. The most up-to-date version of the manual can be downloaded from

An early innovator in industrial Ethernet, Belden knows Industrial IT and is delivering the next generation of industrial networking solutions. Its global brands – Hirschmann, GarrettCom and Tofino Security – are leading the way in the adoption of industrial Ethernet. With a purpose-built portfolio, Belden’s wired, wireless and embedded products deliver the highest confidence of reliability, availability and security. In addition, excellent warranties and dedicated customer support minimize downtime, protect critical infrastructure and provide peace of mind.

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