Investing in quick mould clamping techniques to speed up changeovers can contribute significantly to profitability. The latest system from Stäubli not only speeds up mould changes it also improves machine performance and builds operational confidence.

There is a quick mould clamping technique that matches your requirements. Stäubli uniquely manufacture the complete range – mechanical, hydraulic and magnetic – well established products that provide operational confidence on the production line and yield a rapid return on investment.

St?ubli’s financial evaluation software uses customers own specific operational data to determine the payback on an investment in a mould changing. It takes into account the number of times a mould is changed on a machine, the time currently taken to change moulds and the cost incurred. Comparison is then made with the quick mould changing system in place and the benefit that brings in reducing the cost of changeovers and the additional time that is now available for production. Payback times of less than a year frequently result, in some cases payback can be achieved in just a few months.

The latest developments to St?ubli’s QMC 122 magnetic clamping system improve ease of use and provide enhanced data flow to bolster confidence in operation. It is suitable for most sizes of moulds and moulding machines without modification and fully compatible with Euromap, SPI and JIS interfaces.

The in-built technology actively manages and secures the clamping operation, providing direct control of clamping/declamping, guiding the operator through the process sequence with a direct display of the clamping force promoting confidence. The operator has access at all times to additional information e.g. plate temperature (both fixed and moving sides), identification of the moulds on the machine, clamping force for each mould half and mould movement detection.

A detection coil in each magnetic module ensures that even the smallest changes in flux, which would indicate mould movement, are detected.

Data coming from the moulding machine prior to clamping, such as that the machine is in ‘tool change mode’ and if the door is open or closed is fully integrated. Energising is quick – less than one second for 80 magnetic modules – and electrical power is only required for the clamping/unclamping operation. The mould is secured on the machine platen by permanent magnets and will not be affected by any power loss.

Calculation of the clamping force required and comparison with the opening force, nozzle force and ejection force of the moulding machine detects any decrease in the original clamping force. Each mould is stored with an identification number giving quick recall of the mould parameters and original clamping force.

The high concentration of magnetic poles on the plate produces the optimal clamping force. The innovative honeycomb design provides a rigid structure resistant to any distortion that could produce air gaps between the magnets and the plate surface reducing the clamping force. The resin free construction eliminates any chance of cracking or melting and allows for easier maintenance since any damaged pole module can be easily replaced on site, minimising disruption to production.

These user-friendly features make this magnetic clamping system extremely reliable, while the increased data flow to the operator improves confidence.

St?ubli’s QMC 122 offers high integrity clamping and efficient quick mould changes, an improvement on existing technology; operation and monitoring systems are better than any competing product, enhancing operational confidence. The result is a shrewd investment improving both productivity and profitability with a payback of less than one year in many installations.

Stäubli product specialists are able to provide advice on all aspects of mould clamping (manual, hydraulic and magnetic), mould connections, mould loading and transfer as well as parts handling and processing. The Stäubli product range provides a single source of effective solutions for all these requirements, ensuring that the most suitable system is selected for any application.


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