Connection of IO-Link sensors to all field buses

The new AL series fieldbus modules from ifm electronic form the ideal starting point for the smart factory. Acting as IO-Link masters means that these modules, which connect to the most popular field bus systems, can transform the information flow on the production line.  

An IO-Link device, whether it’s a sensor or an actuator, can provide diagnostic feedback on that precise point. The AL module will pass that information up the line. It can also store parameters for the devices, making swap-out simpler; as long as the same type of device is used as a replacement, no setting is required. Alternatively, the AL can pass settings through to the field device if, for example, a recipe change makes that necessary. 

Ports are provided for up to 8 IO-Link devices, for example sensors, valves or binary input / output modules. Process signals, events and parameters are transferred to the controller via PROFINET, EtherCat, Ethernet/IP or PROFIBUS.

Four of the eight ports are designed for outputs (B ports) and supply auxiliary energy for the connection of IO-Link actuators. The total current consumption per module can total up to 12 A. 

The AL modules allow use in a wide temperature range of -25…60 °C. The high EMC and the robust mechanics guarantee high availability even in difficult environments.

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