With its eye firmly on the future, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now employed two new apprentices. Both 16 years old and fresh from completing their GCSE’s, the new engineering apprentices, Mr Sam Boulstridge and Mr Grant Everitt will receive a great foundation in engineering before progressing to the state-of-the-art machine tools at ITC.

Commenting upon the appointment of two fresh new faces, ITC’s managing director Mr Peter Graves said: “As part of our ambitions for growth, we were looking for new staff and it was worryingly apparent that there is a wealth of experience in the market in the 50+ age bracket but very few qualified engineers below that age. We already have a year 3 apprentice, Mr Kyle Turner who is very competent and his attitude and work ethic encouraged us to take on more apprentices. So, we felt it was opportune to give some youngsters a great career opportunity.”

The new apprentices will attend college to obtain a grounding of the engineering industry and understand how to operate machine tools and the purpose of cutting tools whilst their time spent at ITC will provide the experience necessary to develop the engineers of tomorrow. As Mr Graves continued: “The apprentices will start by learning the basic skills such as etching, chamfering and understanding engineering drawings and they will eventually progress to programming our CNC grinding machines that manufacture our cutting tools. Learning how to manufacture high quality precision cutting tools on some of the newest technology available will be a great bedrock for the future careers of these young people. In addition to this, our apprentices will have the opportunity to learn their trade from some of the most highly skilled people in the industry. We are very proud of our existing staff in all departments and are pleased to have these new faces on board to add to our already very highly skilled workforce in the future.”