Where moving machine parts need electricity, gas, water, hydraulics, pneumatic or control signal, cable chain systems are used. 

KABELSCHLEPP Metool from Ilkeston Derbyshire provides a complete range of cable chains in a variety of materials.  Whether standard or custom products – this mixture of materials and technical know-how, KABELSCHLEPP offers the optimal solution for any dynamic application.

The specification of any cable chain system is predominantly determined by the unsupported travel length, envelope restrictions, number of flexibles and environment.

To suit this diversity of applications KABELSCHLEPP Metool product range offers everything from plastic cable chains measuring only a few millimetres wide to bespoke stainless steel cable chain weighing several tonnes.

Most common in machine building and automation applications are cable chains made of plastic material – but not any plastic is fit for purpose.  True to KABELSCHLEPP Metools’ innovative kudos, material used for cable chains contain a fair amount of R & D to deliver properties the dynamics require.  For specific needs there are special material options – standard polymer, Atex and Ex materials – high or low temperature extremes and also clean room as well as splash proof materials!

KABELSCHLEPP Metool offers various ranges in modular design widths that can be sized in mm increments.  Frame parts made of aluminium allow full width flexibility and the material properties guarantee superior stiffness over plastic, when required.

For the most demanding applications there is a wide range of steel cable chains.  A reliable choice for applications with large unsupported lengths, high mechanical stress as well as extreme operating conditions.  These cable chains made from galvanised or stainless steel feature very stable links. The standard design is composed of sandwiched plates, but different degrees of contamination – link plates with an open stopper system must be used – can be managed. And of course, customization is always possible.

Under its Traxline brand Kabelschlepp supplies automation cable for all purposes.  Tested and rated to millions of operating cycles and optimised for small bending radius and outside diameters.  Power, Signal, Instrumentation, Fibre optics – an extensive range to complement the cable chains.  Delivering quality assemblies to fit – and forget.

The offering is extended to customised application specific system solutions named TOTALTRAX. Cable chain, made of steel or plastic including all electrical cabling, hydraulics, pneumatics, coolant or lubrications hoses complete with corresponding connectors, to specification – ready to install.  When you consider the necessary investment in all processes, from the drawing board to commissioning, there is a clear business case for a customer to consider sourcing complete sub assemblies – TOTALTRAX.

Whatever the application – KABELSCHLEPP Metool in Ilkeston with its experienced engineers cost effective and complete solutions – is THE contact for you.