With the increasing complexity of production systems,  storage logistics must be optimised in order to cut costs, improve productivity, and increase flexibility.  Automation is a cost effective way forward as it delivers greater efficiency in reliable stock retrieval.  Alongside this is a need for quick access to goods so fast and accurate order picking have become the defacto in automation.

The Intralogistix event promises to deliver the latest in cutting-edge technology and as such is the perfect opportunity for Kardex Remstar to showcase their well-established solutions together with best practices in the optimisation of storage and retrieval solutions.

Established over a 100 years ago Kardex Remstar understands the control and management of stock. Since the 1950 they have been developing cutting edge solutions for the intralogistics market, which has positioned them as the market leader in bespoke automated storage and retrieval systems.

Kardex recognised in the early days of automation that ‘one shoe does not fit all’ and so they developed the Shuttle, the Lektriever, the Horizontal carousel, the Vertical carousel and now a new solution: The Kardex LR 35, which is an all-in-one solution for integrated storage and retrieval requirements.

What makes the LR 35 different is its ability to deliver extraordinarily high performance when picking small parts in-line with current demands for greater dynamism, ergonomics and efficiency.  No matter the industry, companies involved in mass production of a wide range of goods are very aware of the efficiency issues in supplying assembly areas with components and spare parts. Smooth flow is essential and fast assembly line speeds optimise production and with speeds of up to 500 order lines per picking station per hour, this is automation at its finest.

The LR 35 will be of particular interest to companies involved in handling single-part or small-volume orders in the ecommerce, mechanical engineering sector, the automotive industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and the entire service and maintenance business. Compared to other common storage solutions, such as a mini-load system, the LR 35 excels in terms of investment costs (ROI in less than a year), order picking performance, energy efficiency, and the amount of space it requires.

Using the latest technology LR 35 uses a new high-performance hardware with a high resolution capacitive touch screen for fast and ergonomic handling. The software is Web-based and can be used with a wide range of hardware. Enhanced functions include bin handling, prioritised storage/retrieval, an option to adjust the speed for each bin and material and user login via RFID.

Besides significantly increasing order picking performance, employee costs are also cut and the structure of intralogistic processes is improved, by optimising material flow when used in combination with an existing conveyor technology.

Recognising the move to more eco-friendly solutions, LR 35 features a lightweight design throughout, and consumes just a third of the energy of a mini-load system. Modern drive technology, highly efficient motors, and optimally configured frequency converters also contribute to the energy-saving concept. In addition to the environmental benefits, the LR 35 offers great flexibility by  slotting seamlessly into existing processes. It’s also easily adapted to fit individual buildings, linking to existing conveyor technology with no virtually no effort.  This is due to the fact that the conveyor connection can be fitted on the front, rear, or end face of LR 35.

Kardex is well recognised for quality with world-wide legacy of developing solutions in line with the changing requirements of their customers.  FlowtechnologyUK has worked with Kardex now for more than 10 years “Regarding the more efficient use of our warehouse space, we could not have achieved our objectives had we not installed the Kardex systems. We now have more products in less space with orders being serviced by the same staffing levels we had two years ago. The space saving we have achieved and the increased picking speeds would not have materialised with a mezzanine system. I would encourage anyone on the cusp of an investment decision to go out and see similar installations, have in your mind exactly what you want and then ask all the questions you need – we got nothing but the right answers from Kardex” Marc Borland, Logistics Director.

Kardex Remstar specialists will be on stand 122 at the IntralogisteX show to discuss the latest solutions as well as showing a 3-D version of the new LR 35.

Contact: Info.remstar.uk@kardex.com