For over 25 years Lasershape has been a figure in the industry providing a high quality laser cutting service to customers across the UK. They work around the clock, 7 days a week and have been accredited with ISO9001, AS9100 and EN1090 as proof of the standard of work that we operate to.

They have a comprehensive range of laser cutters in the UK with a selection of Trumpf machines which combine both CO2 and Fiber technology to ensure a quality finish every time. The company has also recently installed two new Brightline machines which means that they can cut thicker materials to a high standard.

Lasershape have worked in a variety of different industries including defence and aerospace, helping our customers with our personalised service and achieving the results that they desire. With having been involved in the industry for such a long period of time it means that they have built up a reputation based on quality of service and this is shown by returning customers.

Water Jet Cutting

In 2003 they upgraded services and offerings by introducing a water jet cutting service which allows the profiling of different materials and thicknesses. Similar to the laser cutter but using water at high pressure to cut the material – the water jet cutter is able to cut materials up to 150 mm in thickness and in lengths of up to 9 mm. With an AS9100 accreditation they can demonstrate the ability to cut materials to a high standard every time.

The water jet cutting machines use the latest technology – a multi head machine that is able to pressurise water at 200 times that of a jet wash which comes out a hole the size of a pin head. This allows them to quickly and precisely cut materials of almost any size and shape to match your specification. The staff have been trained to the highest standards which means that they are able to produce the best, most consistent results regardless of whether you are using the laser jet or water cutter.