LMI Technologies (LMI), working in 3D scanning and inspection solutions for the global wood industry, has announced new sensor models for LMI’s chroma+scan 2400 series. The chroma+scan 2400 series is ideal for delivering 3D shape of boards and logs, at fast scan rates with a wide dynamic range capable of handling black material in challenging lighting conditions typical of sawmills.
The chroma+scan 2400 series includes three models: the 2440 and 2460 for headrig carriage log applications, and the 2430 model for scanning of logs in end-dogging charger and boards in lineal edger applications.
All chroma+scan 2400 sensors feature the product line’s signature compact and rugged design for the demanding environment of sawmills. The chroma+scan 2460 is available in a 4-foot package, and 2-foot packages for the chroma+scan 2430 and chroma+scan 2440. Plus, all models can easily be integrated with current chroma+scan 2440 sensors to offer maximum flexibility in how users install their 3D scanning system.
Unlike competitor products, users can easily set-up large sensor networks using just one cable from each sensor with the industrial LMI Master Hub. Wood scanning requires the use of large numbers of sensors, so chroma+scan’s scalable design is essential to making system installation and maintenance as easy, reliable and cost-effective as possible.
“With the chroma+scan 2400 series, we can now offer our wood customers a 3D scanning solution that covers both lineal log and board scanning with fast scan rates, high data density, superior dynamic range and ambient immunity”, added Terry Arden, CEO of LMI Technologies.