A new low cost, multi-functional range of PLCs has been launched by Panasonic Electric Works. The FP-X0 series is based around the architecture of the highly successful FP-X series PLC and has compatibility with the I/O existing expansion modules realising I/O counts of up to 216 points.

Consisting of six models covering I/O ranges from 14 points up to 60 points,the PLCs offer an extremely flexible, low cost option for the OEM user or system Integrator. All models feature a combination of Relay and NPN type transistor outputs and a 100-240VAC Power supply with built in 24VDC output.

Built-in high speed counters and pulse output functions, including linear interpolation, allow the PLCs to be used in a variety of positioning applications. In addition to the I/O features, the RS232C Programming Tool port can be configured for general communication allowing connection to third party RS232C based devices. The 40I/O and 60I/O models are also available with an RS485 communications interface supporting Modbus-RTU protocol and Panasonics proprietary PC-Link protocol.

Ethernet connectivity is possible using the Panasonic FPWEB server that supports email, allows PLC data to be displayed on HTML or XML pages, remote programming and other features.

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