The technical article from Lenze explains how to overcome the challenge of warehouse automation and achieve optimum performance.
Today’s automation systems need to be faster, more agile and even more available than ever before. In Lenze’s new intralogistics technical article the challenges facing today’s warehouse automation machine builders are discussed and solutions given to choosing the right technology, supporting partners, ensuring the right development tools are used and Industry 4.0 readiness incorporated.
The technical article entitled ‘Meeting the Warehouse Automation Challenge’ is available as a free PDF download from the Lenze website. 
It’s a must-read for the builders of warehouse handling equipment, who are faced with developing solutions for distribution centers more complex than ever before.

Primed with the information and ideas outlined in the technical article, OEMs can make smart choices about the components and technology platforms they use – helping to ensure faster machine development, lower purchase costs, easier integration into the warehouse system and optimal performance.
Neil Beaumont, Marketing Communications Manager at Lenze, comments: “We want to enable our OEM partners to make choices about components and technology platforms that benefit them long-term as well as in the shorter-term. That is why we have developed this technical article, which discusses how to meet the warehouse automation challenge head on.”
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