It may not come as a surprise that one of the many factors contributing to our current climate emergency is our culture of rapid consumerism. The current take-make-waste model is having long lasting and detrimental impacts on our planet. From the world’s oceans and landfills to the use of resources needed for production, this trend is an extremely disruptive force for the fragile ecosystems across the globe. We are approaching a reality in which 9 billion people will share the planet’s limited resources and in order thrive, we’ll need to adapt.

Part of the solution to these impending challenges lies with brands and production. Considerations related to materials, supply chain, and resource usage are more important and relevant to consumers than ever before. A potentially surprising solution though, is actually one often associated with the past: quality.  Quality craftsmanship allows products to last longer and encourages the repairability of each item as opposed to their disposal. This is a commitment that Miele has continued to live by and part of the overall strategy for the brand.

For over 120 years, Miele has been a brand known for crafting high-quality products that are built to last. This consistent pursuit of quality and Miele’s dedication to stand by their values has found new significance as consumers seek out quality in the name of sustainability. For Miele, the approach of quality craftsmanship is an important part of their sustainability strategy, citing longevity as the ultimate form of sustainability. When consumers purchase products that are built to last, they are able to avoid adding to landfills and can make repairs when needed instead of replacing that item. This concept becomes a win-win, not only for the consumer but also our natural world. In addition to Miele’s focus on products, the brand announced its commitment to become climate neutral in all its locations from 2021.

It’s clear that creating exceptional quality doesn’t just happen in the design phase. A third of Miele’s development time goes into testing, with its appliances tested for up to 10,000 hours which is three times as long as some car engines. Rigorous durability tests on household items like dishwashers, washing machines and ovens simulate how people will typically use a product throughout its lifespan – ensuring it stands the test of time. And while testing, Miele’s designers and engineers don’t just focus on the 99% of products that make the grade, but the 1% that don’t, because only by crafting and honing every detail can they achieve long-lasting reliability.

These tenets are also highlighted through Miele’s new brand campaign, Quality Ahead of Its Time. Miele’s global campaign shows consumers the elements that go into true craftsmanship. Making many of their own parts in-house, forging their own iron and making some of the machines that make their appliances are all part of Miele’s unrelenting pursuit of craftsmanship. To create campaign visuals that highlight the appliance quality, Miele collaborated with world renowned director Dan Tobin Smith, who has a well-earned reputation of creating stunning visuals with leading premium brands.

“With our global campaign ‘Quality Ahead of its Time’, we are bringing our core values to life,” says Barbara Castegnaro, Senior Vice President Brand and Customer Experience. “Miele’s products have always been known for their quality, but that doesn’t happen by accident. Buy less, buy better. That’s why our products are simply an expression of our core values as an organisation.”

Product longevity is a vital component in building a circular economy without waste. Now, Miele invites customers into their world of careful craftsmanship, drawing back the curtain on how they’ve stayed ahead of the curve and developed products with quality that is truly ahead of its time.

At a time when the health of the planet depends on ditching the throwaway culture, it is Miele’s century-old commitment to quality that paves the way for the future.


[Image: Janaya Dasiuk for Unsplash]