AM Labels Limited, an award-winning colour label printing machine specialist, label manufacturer, barcoding and software solution expert based in Northamptonshire, has expanded its extensive portfolio with the addition of the new Afinia DLP-2100 Digital Label Press.
The DLP-2100 is a fast, innovative and advanced digital label press that can print in full-colour, as well as laminate, die cut and finish labels at an impressive speed of up to 60 feet per minute. The laminate can either be supported (with backing paper), or unsupported (without backing paper). The innovative DLP-2100 can also accommodate a maximum roll diameter of 440 mm (on a 3-inch core), which significantly reduces costs and guarantees ease of use for the end user.
The DLP-2100 also features a waste matrix removal system and two rewind mandrels, which are beneficial for printing multiple labels across the web. In addition, the press benefits from semi-rotary technology with a fixed magnetic cylinder that can accommodate label sizes of up to 300 mm in length. Each label size has a flexible steel die, which can be applied to the magnetic cylinder and easily replaced, improving ease of use for the end user, as well as reducing costs and saving time. Not only this, the DLP-2100 can hold a master roll of up to 1,000 meters in length of plain, unprocessed material.
A key component of the DLP-2100 is the inline integration of the Afinia L901 digital label printer, a high-volume industrial printer that creates professional results and boasts an impressive 1600 dpi print resolution. The L901 enables the DLP-2100 digital label press to produce over 25,000 full-colour, 3×4 inch labels per hour.
The L901 combines fast print speeds and outstanding print quality with the latest Memjet printhead technology, in addition to benefitting from a large ink capacity, ensuring costs are kept to a minimum. The printer can produce photo-quality images and exceptionally crisp text and barcodes, and enables businesses to run long, roll-to-roll print jobs. The L901 delivers industry-leading low ink costs by utilising five (CMYKK) high-capacity cartridges, and the integrated L901 print engine allows for continuous production, as well as facilitating full printhead maintenance during print runs.
The new DLP-2100, available from AM Labels, offers excellent versatility and flexibility, and can be effortlessly integrated into existing operations across a variety of industries and applications. For example, the digital label press is ideal for businesses operating in chemical, food and bespoke labelling industries, as well as for small scale label manufacturers and print companies that want to produce their own labels.
Brendon Bass, Sales and Marketing Manager, AM Labels Limited comments: “We are constantly expanding our portfolio with pioneering new products, enabling us to offer our customers a variety of label printers to extend and improve their in-house labelling capabilities. The new Afinia DLP-2100 is an extremely innovative and cost-effective solution for businesses with mid to high volume label printing requirements, offering the capacity to laminate, die cut and finish labels at an impressive speed.
“We are delighted to be offering prospective customers the opportunity to book a free onsite demonstration of the DLP-2100 with our helpful and knowledgeable team, enabling them to experience the outstanding flexibility and ease of use that the new digital label press offers, as well as how it can help to streamline their operations.”
AM Labels Limited has first-class technical and software expertise and customer service excellence, in addition to its own label production facility. The company offers vast and in-depth label printer, scanning and barcoding expertise to support a wide range of industries and applications.