Both the ace models with Sony IMX174 and Sony IMX249 sensors offer the latest global shutter technology and outstanding image quality

Differences between the models include: The ace models with Sony IMX174 CMOS sensor help you achieve not just excellent image quality, but also high speeds up to 155 fps at a resolution of 2.3 MP. When you consider it uses global shutter technology and has a pixel size of 5.86µm, with very low noise, it is the camera of the future – but available now! This CMOS technology is challenging CCD’s on every level.
Furthermore the ace models with Sony IMX249 CMOS sensor are especially well suited for applications that do not require high-speed cameras, but which nevertheless need the excellent image quality. With frame rates of up to 40 fps and 2.3 megapixels resolution, you’ll have the right camera for your application at a lower cost.
Packaged in the hugely successful Basler ace family range, supported by the robust and reliable Basler Pylon 5 SDK, this camera is a game changer for many applications.
Given their outstanding image capture in poor lighting conditions, the new ace models are especially well suited for highly challenging applications in Factory Automation, Microscopy, Medical Technology and Traffic Technology.
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