NetDespatch, a provider of web-based integration solutions for customers of postal and parcel carriers, has worked with XTENTO to create a fully supported Magento Commerce extension that allows easy automation of parcel despatch operations.

The NetDespatch solution within the XTENTO Magento Integration Suite facilitates instant and accurate electronic transfer of order details from Magento Commerce to a range of postal and parcel carriers, including APC Overnight, Nightline and Royal Mail.

“With this Magento integration, the time consuming manual entry of shipping data into different carriers’ systems becomes a thing of the past. This data entry work can be a limiting factor to business expansion and by slashing the time it takes to fulfil orders many more packets and parcels can be shipped for next day delivery,” said Steve Sneath, retail solutions specialist at NetDespatch.

Once a user has selected orders to ship in Magento, the new XTENTO integration provides a specially crafted file for NetDespatch containing all data for the orders to be despatched. This data is then picked up automatically for the printing of the shipping labels on any label printer, anywhere in the world. Once the label has been printed, the tracking numbers are automatically returned into Magento via XTENTO, once again saving manual data entry.

“Using the Magento Integration Suite by XTENTO and NetDespatch eliminates manual processes and saves businesses hours of unnecessary administration. We are very pleased to have this extension up and running and look forward to sharing the benefits with our customers,” added Sebastian Enzinger, managing director of XTENTO.