A new range of high performance modular Programmable Logic Controllers is being introduced by Panasonic Electric Works.  The FP7 Series is a totally new series of PLC controller and has been designed with no constraints from previous generations of Panasonic PLCs.

Compact and extremely powerful, three CPUs have been introduced that are distinguished by Memory Capacity and Ethernet Communications capability.  All CPUs can be expanded with up to 64 expansion units and additional RS232C, RS485 Communication modules.  Powerful Ethernet communications can be realised with a built in 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T Ethernet port and future expansion cassettes.  I/O expansion of the system can be realised with the following modules. 

Digital I/O in 16, 32 and 64 point density and Relay/PNP/NPN output modules

Analogue I/O of 4 channel density supporting multiple voltage and current ranges

Communication Cassettes supporting single or dual channel RS232C and RS485

Motion Control Positioning units offering 2 and 4 axis control with Linear and Circular interpolation

Dedicated Power Supplies for 100-240VAC operation are optional as all CPUs are powered from 24VDC.

Programmed by Panasonics FPWIN Pro7 IEC61131-3 compliant multi language software that supports Instruction List, Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, Sequential Function Chart and Structured Text programming languages.  The software supports a range of comprehensive and powerful libraries that have been developed over 15 years.

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