Products4Automation has introduced the new Monitouch V8 Series of operator interfaces, extending its range of Ethernet compatible flat panel HMIs available to the UK market. Designed to be simple to use, adaptable and compatible with existing control and process hardware and software, the Monitouch S8 is also said to be economical with an overall power consumption 40 per cent lower than conventional HMI products.

The Monitouch V8 is suitable for cost sensitive HMI applications that still require the versatility of a high-end function product and guaranteed quality. It communicates PLCs, PCs, printers, card readers, movie cameras, sensors and up to two factory automation (FA) networks. It can support SCADA products displaying production data from an entire plant at-a-glance in clear real-time images. It also has direct connection to the Siemens S7 range using the PPI and MPI protocols.

Paul Hurst, Products4Automation managing director says: “the Monitouch S8 provides a middle ground in the operator interface to suit small to medium-sized machine manufacturers and automation systems integrators.”