Weidmuller’s new total solution Router is designed for Gigabit Ethernet security applications in remote control or monitoring networks. It provides an increased security for the protection of critical assets in a wide range of applications such as water treatments and controls systems in oil and gas applications.

Communication networks used for office applications and for automation are converging. The advantages that result from this process are put into practice more and more frequently because they make procedures more transparent and facilitate data exchange substantially.

By connecting network components, the new router enables network nodes to exchange data. It also allows an industrial IP network to access the Internet via an external DSL modem (via PPPoE). The router is responsible for routing IP packets between an industrial network and external networks. Internet access is automatically activated when needed. The Router can be configured on-site using an IP network on both Ethernet ports (LAN or WAN).

The router has implemented extensive security standards to enable different networks to work together smoothly. 

Encrypted transmission of your data via VPN

Additionally VPN (virtual private network) connections can be used to connect the Router as a VPN-Client or a VPN-Server with other VPN devices. Weidmüller’s Industrial Ethernet Router enables access to components from around the world through encrypted VPNs using OpenVPN as well as IPSec technologies, thus ensuring top-level security with minimum effort

Safe integration of machines into a production network with Gigabit-Ethernet

The router can translate the addresses between different networks using protocols such as port forwarding, 1:1 NAT (Network Address Translation) or masquerading. These functions hide all the Ethernet devices of a machine, such as control systems or remote IOs behind the router, so that they are protected. Thereby the router communicates across Gigabit-Ethernet LAN/WAN interfaces.

Intelligent firewall:

Our routers ship with a firewall with configurable filter functions that adapt automatically to the network traffic they see (stateful package inspection). This firewall controls the network traffic between different trust zones. Unidentified packets are kept out of your industrial networks.

About Weidmüller:

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