Mix Performance in a Significantly Shorter Length

Nordson EFD, introduces OptiMixer™, a revolutionary new 2K (two-component) disposable square static mixer that provides superior process control and efficiency in dispensing two-part materials. OptiMixer can improve product quality in assembly and repair processes in automotive, aerospace, construction, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) industries.

  • It features a patent-pending design that is 20% shorter than comparable mixers on the market, enabling operators to work closer to the application without sacrificing mix quality.
  • This allows for more precise, repeatable dispensing of two-component sealants and adhesives. Just as important, it results in 30% less retained fluid, which reduces material waste while increasing job quality and productivity.
  • OptiMixer can be attached to most large volume (= 200 ml) multi-ratio cartridges, including EFD’s u-TAH™, Side x Side, and Coaxial cartridges.
  • Its innovative design makes it ideal for a range of applications, such as dent repair, bumper repair, chemical anchoring, panel bonding, gasketing, insulation, crack injection, undercoating, installing fixture fasteners, and more.

“Using proprietary fluid simulation software, we have optimized the mixing capability of our new static mixer in a much shorter length without compromising performance,” said Anthony Martucci, Global Product Line Manager, Nordson EFD.

“Mix quality is critical to the performance of the adhesive bond,” he said. “Being able to improve this and also provide other benefits, such as greater accuracy, operator convenience, and less retained fluid waste, is an added bonus to the end user. OptiMixer really is the next evolution in two-component mixing.”


Contact: EFD International – Dunstable, U.K.  – europe@nordsonefd.com

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