The two-speed planetary gearbox PS was extensively further developed by STOBER and is now newly presented as the PS SensorShift design to the machine manufacturing markets.

The name SensorShift refers to the special feature of this innovative further development. A high-resolution magnetic sensor precisely records the position of the selector teeth. The critical moment when shifting gears is the merging of the selector teeth. SensorShift knows when this moment arrives and briefly reduces the velocity. If the gears still do not merge, the integrated torque measurement recognizes this, the switching motor then makes a brief “reversing movement” without further intervention of the higher-level machine controller. As this procedure is repeated several times if required, the switching error rate reduces to below 0.01%.

In addition, considerable time is saved when installing the STOBER two-speed gearbox PS. This is because motor installation is easy and uncomplicated, taking a matter of minutes using the proven EasyAdapt motor adapter. This technique avoids cumbersome shrinking of the motor shaft and is significantly easier to service.

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