The latest OY510 series of safety light grids from ifm feature an integrated T-muting option for use in applications where the safety function must be temporarily suspended. This is typically to allow workpieces or other items to move into and out of the protected area. The integrated muting functionality saves money and simplifies installation of the light grid, as no external junction box or muting relay is needed.

Muting arms for use with OY510 light grids are available with two through-beam sensors or two multi-beam light barriers for crossbeam muting, and with four parallel retro-reflective sensors or four parallel multi-beam light barriers for sequential muting. All versions fit directly onto the light barrier structure and incorporate pre-mounted sensors for fast and easy set up. The light grids also feature a status light that gives a clear visual indication when the muting function is in operation.

There are three models in the OY510 range, which differ principally in the height of the protected area they provide. This is 510 mm for the OY511S, 810 mm for the OY512S and 910 mm for the OY513S. The light grids can be set to cover protected area widths from 0 to 4 m or from 3 to 12 m.

All models meet Type 4 safety requirements in line with IEC 61496, SILCL3 in line with IEC 62016, Category 4, PLe in line with EN ISO 13894 and SIL3 in line with IEC 61508.

Suitable for use even in challenging environments, OY510 light grids have an operating temperature range of -30 to +55 ºC and an ingress protection rating of IP65/IP67, protection class III.