The new SICK Registration Sensor Catalogue is an indispensible guide to the company’s comprehensive choice of sensors for contrast, colour, luminescence, fork and array applications.

The catalogue provides clear and easy-to-use information for each registration sensor in one convenient reference guide now available in both digital and traditional printed formats. It illustrates applications, benefits and technical data including connection types, dimension, adjustments and sensing distances.

“We believe SICK offers the most comprehensive range of registration sensors on the market and this new guide is an indispensible aid for anyone involved in specifying them,” said Sick UK registration sensors product specialist David Hannaby. “Sick registration sensors are relied on every day in industries such as packaging, printing, paper and wood processing to detect colour, contrast and fluorescent materials and marks.

“Sick has always been a pioneer of sensing technologies.  The company invented the first print mark control device more than 60 years ago and went on to develop the first luminescence and colour sensors.   We continue to work in partnership with manufacturers to improve efficiency and consistency in high-speed automatic processes and handling.”

Applications for Sick registration sensors encompass quality and product-type control, edge and label recognition and print registration.  They are used for detecting material positioning, contrast and colour verification, including labels and identification marks.

The guide can be downloaded from or receive a printed copy by contacting Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121,  email