OMRON has announced the launch of D41 Series Safety Door Switch that reduces the risk of interlock devices being deactivated, for a safe and worry-free production site. Safety components perform their safety functions only when properly used. Some industrial accidents were caused by tampering with interlocking devices used for safety guards, although they could have been prevented. There is an effort to standardize prevention of tampering. Many countries have therefore implemented EN ISO 14119:2013 that defines the measures required to minimize defeat of interlocking devices. This is becoming the global standard to prevent accidents.

Reducing the risk of defeating by using high-coded systems

Thanks to the built-in function in the D41 to prevent deactivation in the switch itself, companies can reduce the risk of defeating their protection guards. In the “high-coded” safety door switch, the combination of sensor and actuator is fixed by pairing with more than 1,000 variations available.

Key features of the Non-Contact D41D

  • The compact design fits into tight spaces inside machines and does not hinder entry through openings
  • D41D matches with machine design while providing excellent versatility of mounting
  • Pairing of all series-connected switches can be done at once, reducing design and commissioning time

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Key features of the Guard Lock D41L

  • Hygienic design that prevents water and foreign matter from collecting and the ECOLAB-certified detergent resistance allows for easy and quick cleaning
  • High tolerance for guard misalignment

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