The new Panasonic touch panel GT707 is available with a widescreen display. This type of display has a screen ratio of 16:9. Compared with the traditional 4:3 screen ratio and provides a visualization area enlarged by one third!

GT707 — the slim and compact touch panel
With a depth of only 34mm, the panels from the GT707 series are among the slimmest in their class. They feature a compact body with a robust design and an IP65 rating for the front of the panel.

Brilliant display
The high-resolution colour TFT display offers 65536 colours and a long-life white LED backlight.  Touch screen buttons, data entry, text and images appear bright and crystal clear. The backlight intensity can be modified according to the application requirements with the help of the GTWIN programming software.
The new GT707 offers 16 times more colours and a resolution that is 5 times higher than that of the previous generation GT32T-R, for example.
Parameters such as brightness and contrast, can be individually specified, guaranteeing superb legibility.

Interfaces, software, and other features
The GT707 touch panels are equipped with a USB port and offer “through function” communication with Panasonic PLCs meaning only one cable is necessary for programming both the HMI and the PLC. This makes it very easy to simultaneously debug and program the PLC and the GT touch panel.

You can create projects for the GT707 Series HMI with the GTWIN software tool. This user-friendly software provides you with a library of objects that help you generate intuitive screens with many operator friendly features.

The HMI is made even more user-friendly with the possibility of using an SD memory card. The SD card allows you to make a backup copy of all the data and perform transfer of other items including the GT firmware, screens, recipes and the programs for the connected PLC.
The GT707 offers an easy way to check the status of all connected devices at one glance. The device monitor lets you see the status of a PLC, for example meaning it is not necessary to connect a computer. Simply start the device monitor from the system menu.

Key features at a glance

  • 7 inch TFT display
  • Resolution: 800 x 480 dots
  • Area available for display: 153.5 x 85.6mm
  • Body dimensions nearly the same as those of a 5.7 inch touch panel
  • 65536 colours
  • LC display equipped with long-life LED backlight
  • IP65 degree of protection
  • SD memory card slot
  • Clock/calendar function

Typical applications
The touch panels are ideally suited for use in small to medium-sized machines when processes need to be controlled, monitored, and visualized.

High quality combined with a long service life
All Panasonic HMIs fulfil the required international standards and regulations and as with all Panasonic products, our touch terminals are subjected to extreme tests that far exceed normal operating conditions. Components and materials are meticulously selected so that a long lifetime is guaranteed.


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