The standardized Cognex In-Sight Explorer software platform is available across the entire range of Vision systems from low-end to high end

Cognex has set the bar very high regarding ease of use. In this, the world-wide leading provider of industrial image processing solutions not only concentrates on the hardware, but also covers the entire application range from low-end to mid-range to high-end with a comprehensive, user-friendly user interface.

Cognex In-Sight Explorer software can be used with many products and is scalable regarding the functions available. This means flexibility, above all when the Vision application needs to be expanded, from the use of the easy beginner’s camera, which can be quickly and easily configured with Easybuilder, to the use of a more challenging system based on freely configurable spreadsheets. These are tables for programming the camera for a complete image processing application.

Software is becoming strategically more important

Flexibility and user-friendliness without loss of performance capacity are important criteria for beginners in image processing, which Cognex can fulfil with its reliable In-Sight Explorer software. On the hardware side, the user has a vast choice of easy to use image processing sensors with the In-Sight 2000 series. John Keating, Director of In-Sight Product Marketing at Cognex, comments: “The user can start with the very compact In-Sight 2000 easy-to-use sensor, and grow pursuant to their requirements, without leaving the trusted, reliable software platform. Thus, the Vision solution always fits with the application, even when the challenges mount.”

The series works perfectly with the In-Sight Explorer, overall a solution that is very easy to learn. The Easybuilder interface, the practical and simple tool provided in the Cognex In-Sight Explorer software is designed for first time users and beginners, and offers easy step-by-step set-up of the application. With this, even inexperienced users can quickly achieve a reliable survey activity in nearly any production environment. Programming knowledge is not required. Therefore, applications can be implemented and started in the shortest period of time. John Keating says: “In contrast to our competition, we offer a seamless transition from the low-end to the high-end ranges with our flexible solution.”


The hardware of tomorrow must fit in with the software of today

The In-Sight 2000 series uses In-Sight Explorer for the set-up and monitoring of image processing inspections. Even the new, recently introduced In-Sight 7000 system of the second generation (G2) uses the In-Sight Explorer platform. In this series, the advanced user can use spreadsheet views for specific requirements. The system includes a complete set of high-performance In-Sight image processing tools, including the PatMax RedLine for reliable part location, SurfaceFX feature extraction technology for optimal image generation and OCRMax for optical character recognition. Thus In-Sight users achieve maximum performance in inspection tasks, while at the same time keeping errors to a minimum.

In-Sight 7000 (G2) is a high-performance image processing system equipped with many functions. With its versatility, it is suitable for rapid and precise inspections of the most diverse parts, regardless of industry. Thanks to its compact size, it fits in seamlessly to production lines with limited space. The improved performance keeps pace with increasing line speeds. The modular design of the In-Sight 7000 has over 400 different field configurations, and makes it the most flexible image processing system.




Standardization in the Vision sector is a strategic decision.

For companies, standardization to one software platform means future-proofing technology and reliability in production. There are hardly any down times, because the systems can be rapidly substituted for an upgrade. John Keating comments: “Now you can acquire replacement parts within 48 hours. The replacement devices can be easily exchanged and rapidly configured, because the settings are assumed from the prior system.”

Cognex technology offers protection for the user’s investment, because the industry leaders will also offer state-of-the-art hardware and software in the future. A guarantee for this is Cognex’ continual investment in research and development. A total of 900 patents prove this, and establish Cognex as a technology leader. In addition, the company is represented by 500 partners in 30 countries, and thus provides established on-site support anywhere in the world.


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