Premier Tech Chronos has upgraded an APW Series In-Process Weigher at the Northampton Brewery site of Carlsberg UK. The improved new design of weigher is now weighing precision batches of barley for the brewery’s steeping section, which is the crucial phase of the malting process. This helps Carlsberg to ensure that the correct amount of barley is available at all times to prevent over and under steeping ensuring a good quality brewing process.

Since being installed the throughput into the steeping section has been increased to 13 tonnes per hour, from 8 tonnes per hour. Plus by fitting the 3 loadcell system the weighing accuracy has also been enhanced, whilst easily achieving the new higher throughputs.

The APW In-Process Weigher has been changed from a single loadcell design. Using a retrofit kit of parts the weigher was changed on site to provide a 3 point ATEX compliant loadcell weighing system. This ensures that the weighing accuracy in the installation is not compromised whatever the product being monitored, batch weighed or totalised. Throughput capacities of up to 50 tonnes / hour can be achieved depending upon materials being weighed and the APW version selected.

All APW Series In-Process Weigher are designed for simple integration into new or existing installations and are capable of free-standing operation. APWs can also be interfaced with any plant process control system and their compact designs, feature integral feed gates and discharge doors. Control of the weigher is being undertaken by a PC456i controller.

Premier Tech Chronos incorporates Richard Simon Limited, Verville, BTH and Premier Tech Chronos – America and Premier Tech Asia for European spares, refurbishments, service, installation and commissioning.