A survey commissioned by alternative careers website ‘Uni’s not for me’ has revealed the public believe providing young people with entry level jobs or vocational training in the manufacturing sector is more important than sending them to university.

The report examined the attitudes of the public to employment and education options for young people and asked them to rank the approaches which society would benefit the most from.

More than a quarter of adults surveyed agreed that training and work placements in the manufacturing sector were most important to society with only three per cent advocating that more young people should go to university. The survey also suggested that the status of university degrees may be diminishing with only 30 per cent of adults holding a view that ‘any degree is better than no degree at all.’

Sarah Wrixon, co-founder of Uni’s not for me commented: “This survey reveals that young people and their parents today are taking a ‘real world’ view of their future education and career options, rather than automatically considering university as the only option.”