PREMO launches PLC-LW-series transformer family for power line communication. An innovative small size and enhanced bandwidth with very low losses.

This SMD isolation transformer 1:1 have been designed for coupling/decoupling signals for power lines communication according to IEC 15118 and IEC 61851-1 for charging system communication V2G & V2V.

Suitable for HPGP (HomePlug Green PHY, 10Mbps), HPAV (80Mbps), HPAV2 (Gbps), to operate above 85MHz.
HPGP is an innovative variant of HomePlug powerline communications technology. HomePlug Alliance certified, fully interoperable with IEEE1901/HPAV, Operating frequency (2 – 28 MHz) is well above switching noise generated by EV charging equipment, low power, low cost, robust performance @ 10 Mbps.
PLC-LW-series are safety solution (isolated coupling transformer) with two different configurations for matching to a wide range of PLC modem shipset such as Qualcomm, ST, Maxim, NXP, etc.

PREMO, leader in manufacturing RFID magnetic sensors, Inductive couplers and power magnetic components completes its range of signal transformer with this SMD PLC-LW series. Providing a more competitive (low cost) product using Linear Winding versus Toroidal winding.     

Main features for PLC-LW-Series design with NiZn magnetic core provide the minimum insertion losses in a wide frequency band 1-30MHz and able for communication up to 100MHz:

SMD coil former technology (reduced size, smaller than toroid version)
Fully automatized production to answer to EV/PHEV global development (millions of parts) 
Ultra-low insertion losses (< 1dB) on 100-120 Ohm load (2-30MHz PLC equivalent network load)
Highly reproducible performances (better than toroidal solutions)
Wide temperature range (-40 t0 +125ºC)
UL94 and ROHS materials
13” Tape&Reel packaging
AEC-Q200 Automotive qualified