Continuous availability – now a global requirement – touches every part of our lives. And the need for continuously available applications has become more pervasive across all market sectors – from building automation, to industrial automation and public safety across communities worldwide.

As organisations struggle to increase revenue, reduce costs, comply with regulations, and plan for business continuity, the demand for reliable, continuous availability of business critical applications, becomes even more important.

Stratus’ everRun is continuous availability virtualisation software that prevents downtime, ensures business continuity and maintains data integrity by keeping applications up and running– easily and affordably.

This all-in-one availability solution:

  • Prevents downtime and protects your data in all your locations
  • Enables you to achieve your business continuity plans and meet your SLAs at a lower cost and with better performance than other availability solutions
  • Provides a virtualisation platform enabling you to run more applications with less hardware and protect them from downtime to further optimise efficiencies, simplify deployment and maximise investments
  • Monitors applications and every component of your system, alerting you if a problem should arise, so you can take immediate action to head it off
  • Provides two levels of availability –fault-tolerant and high availability
  • The solution is ideal for business-critical applications in any industry, in any size organisation, at the network’s edge or in the data centre.

Unlike other solutions, Stratus’ everRun prevents downtime, rather than recovering from it. And that difference has a big impact on your revenue, costs, customer satisfaction and efficiency rates.

everRun is quick and easy to use with click and go installation and centralised management tools requiring no special skills, saving you in IT overhead.

This availability solution can run both your single and multi-threaded Windows and Linux applications with fault-tolerant availability or high availability, with no changes to your applications.

Stratus Technology software and server solutions are available to buy from Routeco. To get in touch with your local branch or if you require further information, please email or call us on 0370 607 1000.