ProGlove and StayLinked have announced their integrated solutions partnership. Together they aim to streamline access to the efficiencies of mobility and process automation for companies in warehousing, distribution, and logistics. 

“Industrial IoT integration has emerged as one of the more critical factors for empowering workforces and increasing warehouse productivity,” says Andreas Koenig, CEO of ProGlove. “Our partnership with StayLinked has allowed our customers to use the latest ProGlove wearables, such as the MARK Display, to interface with existing warehouse systems in a reliable way, quickly and easily. It’s also now easy to work together with other emerging technologies without endless integration hurdles.”

Disruptions in the current global economy have prompted operations managers to quickly re-examine workflows to make them more efficient, productive and safe for their workers. Technologies which can be adopted quickly to meet these goals, like the MARK wearable barcode scanners from ProGlove, are a win for operators needing to pivot. The platform enables companies to use the latest in automation and IIoT technologies including the MARK wearables with their existing applications – without unnecessary downtime, costs, or integration complexities. Entrenched warehouse management systems are no longer a barrier to adoption. 

“With ProGlove as a launch partner, our customers can now use ProGlove’s state-of-the-art MARK Display and entire MARK family of scanners without having to plan for time-consuming and expensive integration efforts,” confirms Justin Griffith, CTO of StayLinked.

Planzer recently selected the MARK wearable barcode scanner for their materials handling platform operations. Of its 68 locations throughout Europe, 13 are equipped for rail receiving with 350 rail cars handled per night in Switzerland. StayLinked developed the mobile interface that pairs the existing logistics management system with the MARK scanning solution. With this solution the Planzer team no longer needs to dismount from a forklift to scan pallets upon arrival or to record inventory locations. Picking and packing teams are enabled to scan as they go and have their hands free to keep goods moving. As shift supervisor Dominik Gränacher notes, “With MARK we are now more mobile and have information we didn’t have access to before.“ 

Padraig Regan, General Manager, EMEA, StayLinked concludes, “With Planzer, we were able to bring a completely new technology into the workflow. It was gratifying to see how well the partnership between ProGlove and StayLinked performed and how seamlessly the integration was achieved in such a short amount of time.”