Rulmeca now offer enhanced, dual level Ingress Protection rating IP66/69 for its 80LS, 113LS, 138LS and 165LS TS8N specification Drum Motors in stainless steel

The goal of the certification procedure was to achieve official IP69 (acc. to DIN EN 60529) confirmation of the current TS8N (complete stainless steel outer material with VITON dust lip seal and PTFE deflection seal) sealing system.

In environments that require heavy wash-down, such as in the food, meat and fish processing industry, the combination of water, chemicals, high pressures and temperatures can result in ingress and failure of conveyor components and instruments. The IP69 rating offers complete assurance that Rulmeca TS8N Drum Motors are both durable and resistant in such areas, conforming to the highest protection rating on the scale.

It is necessary to identify the combined rating with drum motors since an IP69 protection does not automatically include the IP66 protection.

IP69 in addition to IP66 means the following:

  • IP66 highest possible protection against the ingress of dust
  • IP69 highest possible protection against the ingress of water, even under close range high pressure, high temperature (up to 80°C) or steam cleaning procedures

Rulmeca’s stainless steel drum motors provide complete assurance to the food processing industry with double protection rating IP66/69, which is of particular importance for conveyor systems and an essential component of hygienic production.



The test was conducted at the independent VDE test and certification institute. In the test setup the drum motors were mounted on a supporting structure and sprayed from 4 fixed angles (0°, 30°,60°, 90°) with a flat nozzle, each jet duration lasting at least 30 seconds. The distance between nozzle and test item, was 100-150mm at a pressure of 100 bar with a water temperature of 80°C.

In the case of IP66 protection, strong jets of water were sprayed at 100 litres per minute, at a pressure of 1 bar, against the housing from any direction for at least 3 minutes. There were no detrimental or harmful effects.

IP69 provides protection against extreme pressures and temperatures exerted upon the drum surface from high pressure water or steam jet cleaning.

Although the water volume is lower at 14 to 16 litres per minute, the pressure is 80 to 100 bar higher and the distance 0.1 to 0.15 metres is much smaller. The water temperature at IP69 is 80 degrees Celsius, whereas IP66 is undertaken at normal water temperature.

To confirm and support the reliability of the test results, Rulmeca conducted its own tests, simulating the same conditions and focussed the high pressure jets directly onto the sealing area during drum motor operation. The tests validated with positive results after dis-assembling.

Without doubt this achievement and recognition raises the standards and makes Rulmeca‘s drum motor product range more attractive to customers operating conveyors under strict hygienic conditions.




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