PLC functionality integrated in an HMI panel

Traditionally PLCs and HMI panels have been considered as being two separate systems. This has changed with newer types of HMI panels which combine the HMI and PLC functionality by integrating e.g. CODESYS control running on the same powerful processor in the operator panel. The processing capacity of multicore processors are capable of delivering both fast screen changes and program execution securing high-performance in demanding applications.

A CODESYS control application in the display is supported by a fully integrated development system providing access to all five IEC 61131-3 programming languages offering versatility in PLC programming. IO signals for the PLC and HMI are connected via distributed IOs and provide a flexible and cost-effective solution

Beijer Electronics X2 control panels combine industrial HMI and CODESYS PLC functionality in the same compact hardware. Panel sizes range from ultra-compact 4-inch to 15-inch panels designed for demanding applications.

Add our G series or “new” M-series distributed I/O’s for all panel sizes and you’ll get an elegant, scalable and cost-effective solution that’s cutting-edge.

HMI with integrated CODESYS PLC functionality gives you a lean automation solution. It combines visualization and control in an integrated development environment that allows faster system design.

Construction costs are reduced by eliminating components and wiring, support costs can also be reduced and operations improved by centralizing remote access and administration.

Beijer Electronics X2 control panels support I/O communication with EtherCAT incorporated as standard, With two ethernet ports, the second can be used for standard packet-type data for traditional fieldbus and MES/IT connection.

The powerful multi core ARM Cortex-A9 processor delivers fast screen changes and quick program execution in demanding applications.

Applications remain elegantly slim with integrated control in the panel, just add remote I/Os to fit your needs, and select between three major fieldbuses – EtherCAT, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and CANOpen

Combine with our comprehensive range of EtherCAT servos for effortless point-to-point motion applications.

We can provide options for customers requesting a non-branded HMI solution we can offer all X2 panels without the product family name and Beijer Electronics’ logo on the front.

SD card and USB ports allow for vast data logging and storage capability adding further potential to your applications.

Enhance your PLC program within your HMI by using some of our Smart Engineering resources – we can always help you by helping create something specific for your application – we can quickly evaluate if your idea can be made into a Smart Engineering object.

We added to our customer support with the Smart Engineering concept, drawing on our FAE’s real-world experience. Their favourite time-saving libraries are packaged and ready to go; this could be a script sample, a Codesys library, some example code.

It’s assistance for you, created by our application engineers.

For more information about the X2 Control or our Smart Engineering Resources do get in touch